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The first time I was introduced to autism was courtesy of Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise in the form of the movie “Rain Man”. It was 1988 and I was a kid in high school. I didn’t stay for the whole movie and frankly never really thought about autism again. Fast forward to November 22, 2002, the day my beloved son, Dylan was born. I thought I knew what love was but, seeing his face for the first time…wow! Something began deep inside me to nurture and respect this beautiful child of mine. A mother’s love, what a feeling!

​Dylan developed normally and met every milestone until his second birthday. Something changed in him. His eye contact faded, his utterances stopped, he was irritable, had horrible fevers…I was baffled. He was really sick after his MMR shot. This was the beginning of my journey into autism and it was no Hollywood movie. I do want to state that I am not against vaccines and am simply stating what happened to my son.

I credit the support of my parents that got both his father and I through that most horrible and devastating time in our lives. My mind was always working (even when I wanted a break!) and I was full of questions. I remember scrolling on the internet during the wee hours of the morning looking for a cause, a reason…how can I help him?! My son has tried many different treatments including HBOT dives, the GF-CF diet, clay baths, chelation, supplements, cranial sacral therapy, NAET, mb-12 shots, etc. Nothing was “the magic bullet” but, each in their own way helped Dylan. ​The costs involved were mounting as was the pressure to maintain a manageable budget. I am still not quite sure how we managed to pay it all off but, it got me thinking about the many other families that wouldn’t be so lucky.​

Today Dylan is 19 years old and is big brother to Brandon, who idolizes him. He has many words but, is still missing the conversation piece with his language. He is still on his healing and learning path. Dylan loves to swim, adores the beach, likes music and is a great kid! He continues to be a source of admiration for me and amazes me everyday. He is the inspiration for Pop.Earth. To date Pop.Earth has helped thousands of individuals across 4 stat
es (NY, NJ, CO, CA) be the best they can be.


Thanks for your interest in Pop.Earth!

-Debbie Stone


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