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Our most flexible option! Go month to month and join in when you'd like! $85

Sign up below to get started!

*Please note these sessions are bundled monthly and currently not available to purchase as individual sessions.

Join our new social group "The Pop.Stars Club"

If you've ever attended a Pop.Earth event you know we love having fun! Join us for 10+ hours each month of recreational activities with your peers!  All abilities are welcomed! So what do you get?

Get your dancing shoes ready because you can attend two "funtastic" dances each month! Eat some delicious food and dance the night away with old friends and new! [2 hours Friday evenings]

Two chances to play BINGO! with us each month and win cool prizes! You can also play via Zoom.  [1 hour Wednesdays]

We got the popcorn and soft drinks ready as you are invited to one movie night per month! Come out and enjoy great movies with your fellow pop.stars! [Tuesdays 2 hours]

We're all about staying fit and having a good time with friends.  Come dance with us! [Thursdays 1 hour]


QUESTIONS? Email us at
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