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E.Q.U.A.L = Educate Question Unite Advocate Lead

We know how important it is to have a team of people on your side that understands your child’s rights and the choices you are entitled to as a parent. Too often, the resources parents seek are scattered in more than one place and in some cases it’s too much information to process. We also cannot forget costs involved, especially if you needed legal advice (ie. school district placement disputes, IEP’s, etc).

Conversely, we also hear of the many sad incidents in which autistic children are bullied, beaten and mistreated (not just by peers but, by adults as well). These situations often stem from misinformation, ignorance and lack of empathy/compassion. It’s something we can’t tolerate and led us to decide that a real conversation needs to take place that brings the humanity piece back to the diagnosis of autism. Ideally, I would like this to occur at the school level.

On a larger scale, the issue of services covered by insurance companies needs to be addressed and Pop.Earth will be starting that conversation through lobbyist friends in DC.  Watch this space as we welcome specialists who will come to speak with parents to address any issues they may be having, help to assist with life planning and gaining guardianship.

We hope this program will bring clarity and provide help to many families.

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