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-Natural Healing - 

- Natural Healing -



Reiki focuses on some of the issues that many individuals face such as:

* sleep troubles
* relaxation
* anxiety
* stress
* tight muscles
* and with a few treatments, even some behavioral changes are often noted.

Reiki is a soothing, holistic treatment for many individuals that can be done without even touching the if they are extremely touch sensitive, stranger-shy, or hyperactive. This is particularly important as some people are averse to touch, are sensory sensitive or have elements of hyperactivity woven into their complex behaviors.

Part of the difficulty some people live with is intense anxiety – worry over social communication, anxiety during transitions, anxiety when dealing with changes of the smallest degree. It makes it challenging to fall asleep and stay asleep. Headaches and stomach- aches are plentiful in these individuals. Reiki can aid to calm the fears of these very-anxious souls. It is not unusual for people to have improved sleep patterns after the first treatment. Reiki can work without getting in the way of either conventional or alternative treatments.

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